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That girl who has 92 awards, sold over a million concert tickets, has almost 10 million followers on twitter, who sold out Madison Square Garden in 59.4 seconds.
One Person: "Taylor Swift has no talent."
The rest of the world: *gasps*
by Sophie Swift December 23, 2011
A beautiful, blonde girl who is an american country/pop singer and songwriter. Many often target her as a slut because she writes about love. Swift is just a young woman who deserves everything she has because she has made millions of her fans happy and has saved many people's lives. Her songs are amazing, and the people who hate on her are mostly directioners because she dated Harry Styles. And that is really stupid.
directioner: ew, it's taylor swift!1!!1! She so gross, she keep her hands off ma harry1!!11!
swiftie: do you even English?
by beautifuhl April 23, 2014
A white girl in her mid-twenties who is mentally, like, 85 and knits sweaters and bakes cookies for her friends while taking pictures of her cat in weird positions. Taylor Swift is an American indie/country/pop artist, and her music tends to be perfect in the time of a hard situation such as a break up, or any other life struggle such as being bullied or feeling guilty about something you did. People who hate on her are sadly ignorant and irrational.
*wails* "I just want to listen to Taylor Swift alone."
by h0nestly December 21, 2013
Angel.Beautiful.Amazing.Bullied by everyone.She should be left alone.I just want to punch the people who treat her badly!LEAVE HER ALONE!She has the most beautiful voice in the world!
Taylor Swift,beautiful,Amazing,angel
by _ilovetaylorswift__<3 May 23, 2013
An amazing country-pop singer. Some people don't like her music, but it is about love, growing up, family, and things that really go on in people's lives. She is beautiful, and unlike other female celebs, she got famous by her music, not by acting like a slut.
Taylor Swift: sings songs at concert

fan: I want to be just like her!!!!
by TaySwiftyfan13132 June 13, 2011
American singer/songwriter born in Pennsylvania, though she moved to Nashville at age 14 to pursue her career. Despite being subject to some of the worst criticism and notouriously portrayed as an immature, serial-dating, untalented whiner, Taylor Swift is actually one of the best of our time. She rose to stardom "the old fashioned way" and worked her way to the top, being her own tour manager and putting together her own work. Her shows include a theatrical aspect making them seem almost as if a Taylor Swift song is being performed on Broadway. Her vocals have improved drastically over the years, as she was noted for her phenomonal vocals by many esteemed stars. Taylor's songwriting skills have earned her 7 Grammys (to date) and over 200 various awards, many in which include Entertainer of the Year Awards. She was the youngest star to ever win a Grammy for Album of the Year. She has toured 3 times, all in which have been sold out tours. Taylor crossed over to pop, slaying both the pop & country charts. Despite her worldwide success, Taylor has remained modest, down-to-earth and humble in the spotlight after 7 years. She remains an inspiration and shining light to millions of fans-- both male & emale. Taylor decorates guitars and performs for terminally ill fans in hospitals. She continues to contribute to charity through the Taylor Swift Educaution Center & other renown charities. Taylor Swift has truly grown into a beautiful young woman infront of America's public eye.
Ignorant person: "taylor swift is mentally stuck in middle school, Harry styles is mine lolz!!1"

To view a 7 time Grammy-award-winning, multi-millionaire, renowned performer as "Harry Styles' Girlfriend" is frankly quite sexist.
by MaseratiSwift January 21, 2014
A country turned pop singer, who is inspired by all things in her life, and uses those to compose songs. Taylor's fan base is called 'The Swifties' who are nice compassionate, fans whom have a good heart and let other people in, however if one disses Taylor, 'The Swifties will proudly defend their queen. Taylor has 4 complete albums and another is being released on October 27th 2014 of course referring to '1989'!! Her first single off this album is called 'Shake It Off' and is the first sound of pop, people have heard from Taylor, in this song Taylor expresses that HATERS GONNA HATE, BUT WE JUST HAVE TO SHAKE IT OFF!!! Taylor has won over 200 awards and was the youngest ever to win 'Entertainer Of The Year. People might despise of her because of her love life. Last year Taylor donated 4 million US dollar to her Education centre, which expresses how caring and generous she is!!!
Amy: I like Taylor Swift, her music is good!

by 1989FEARLESSSWIFTIE August 31, 2014