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A 20 year old, who acts like a 9 year old, that sounds like a dying ferret with down syndrome. Her "music" appeals to young, insecure, tone deaf individuals who for some reason think she can ACTUALLY sing, and for some reason, each of her terrible and annoying songs have lyrics that are so simplistic and boring it makes you want to cut your ears off.
Taylor Swift cannot sing to save her life.
#justin beiber #suckfest #suck #horrible #depressing #stupid #horrendous
by Sampsonlong March 29, 2010
The inability to do anything except orgasm in the presence of John Flanagan.
Did you go to John's show last night? I had a Flanagasm.
#adamgasm #orgasm #pleasure #enjoyment #ultra sexy #sexual #happy #eargasm #eyegasm
by sampsonlong March 29, 2010
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