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Someone who is super awesome in everything he/she does. Somebody who doesn't give a shit and is wiling to have a go. Somebody with superpowers that will kick your but.
Omg look at the Taylah, they're so awesome, i wanna grow up to be a Taylah.
by taylorbaby June 28, 2008
A girl that is supernatural, the word amazing fails to fully describe her greatness. She isnt beautiful, she is beyond it, her pretty face brightens everyones day. With a body to die for, she leaves the boys speechless, unable to breathe! She is loved by many, but only truly loved by one. She may never fully understand this, but she is an angel sent from heaven. A goddess of the universe. An indescribable soul.
I wish all girls we're just like Taylah
by Hciruet Emearg Yeldarb August 12, 2011
the most amazing person in the world. she is a beautiful person inside and out. likes to have a laugh and is bloody stunning. She's trustworthy, friendly and caring. She's also a fat cow who likes to chill in her crib! if you have a taylah, treat her well, she's tooo amazing to lose.
Taylah Martin
by thefattone August 30, 2010
Taylah, an ugly cow who often likes tacking a huge black cock up the asshole. Often takes more than one at a time, but she is ok and rapes obese old ladies.
I met Taylah last night.
by AndyPowns May 18, 2014
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