Gorgeous brunette with brown eyes and a huge heart! Is perfect although she doesn't see it. Is self conscious but shouldn't be because she's perfect. She is very compatible with Zayn Malik and would be an amazing girlfriend. She doesn't open up easily and is usually closed in, if you gain her trust you should feel special because she doesn't trust people easily. Tayla is an incredibly loyal friend and will always be there for you, just make sure you're there for her too. She likes to be alone sometimes but never leave her because on the inside she wants you to stay. Has the most beautiful eyes and if you look into them you will get lost. She will always give you the best advice and can be very deep. Tayla's aren't easy to find, so once you find one hold onto her and don't let her go.
Liam: "See that stunning girl sitting with her friends?"

Zayn: "That's Tayla, she's gorgeous isn't she?"

Harry: "You should ask her out"

Zayn: "Yeah I will"
by hemmo November 18, 2013
The best girl in the world. She's amazingly pretty,But she doesn't think she is. The boy she's with now, doesn't deserve her. She's a brunette girl, with medium length hair and hazel/brown eyes. Her smile lights up a room, even when she has her plate in. Her friends think the World of her. She's SOOOOOOOO funny. Everyone likes her. Sometimes, she gets annoyed by other people, but generally shes a happy girl. She is obsessed with Jack Sparrow. And horses. Many horses.
Tayla's so weird. She just ran up to me and screamed FIONA, right in my face.

Really? Tayla screamed DEAR KITTY in my face the other day...
by Alana-Banana. January 19, 2012
A young, brunette girl who has blue or brown eyes. Loves having fun and hanging with mates. Usually pretty random and spaced out. Becomes shy around a certain boy. Loves all type of music. Has pretty eyes, nice smile and a perfect figure. Very insecure about her looks. Can have a short temper from time to time. Has a bright future ahead of her.
Person 1- Dude have you seen that chick?
Person 2- Damn, she's gotta be a Tayla.
by Bigbootay July 29, 2013
normally brunette, tan, party animal. A Tayla has a beautiful personality but can be very controlling, if nothing goes her way, look out! a Tayla has a very dedicated attitude and is very loud, loves the attention and can't stand when someone else has the spotlight. a tayla can also get the guys! but can't stay just to one.
guy 1: "woah who is she?"
guy 2: "i don't know but she is feining a few guys i wouldn't go there"

guy 1: "oh... she must be a tayla"
by definebeauty June 05, 2014
1.A tree in the South American Rain forest that turns purple in the winter. A family of Tayla Monkeys Hibernate in its enormous hollow trunk.

2. A person who is very likable, and nice.
1. Woah! Did you see those Monkeys in that Tayla tree?

2. 1st person: Here would you like a cookie?
2nd person: Aww, gee thanks, you're such a Tayla!
by katiektkt May 19, 2007
Most Tayla's are dusty as motherfuckers
You know Tayla? Yee, she dusty af
by Taylabedusty October 20, 2015
'Tayla' is a name given to a beautiful, free spirited girl. One who cannot hide her emotions well and keeps her friends and family very dear and close to her heart. Tayla's tend to be intelligent, despite their outer appearance. Tayla's are generally blonde and slightly vertically challenged (short). Tayla's are secretly obsessed with good kissers and a little creative in the bedroom. Tayla's enjoy the company of those they love and strive off the happiness of those around them. Tayla's generally have beautiful, infectious smiles.
I want to marry a Tayla one day.
by the truth . com September 19, 2015

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