one who is so friggn stupid that the only way they can understand u is if u use monosyllabic words. also, one can use it to make fun of people wen one is around people who get upset at the use of the word "retard"
matt, you, are, so, tard.
pat is way tard
by noggie monster February 24, 2008
a person that is a retarded bare every day
Steve Loural is a tard
by t2323122232 April 26, 2011
French for "late". Not used in France much.
Little Tim - "Hi Dad. I pierced my weenis. Sorry I'm late, by the way."

Big Tim - "Son, you are a tard."
by teh amazin tommy October 29, 2009
Used to discribe someone or thing and stupid or irrational.
Jon: Guy's, don't you think Sam is dumb?
George: Yeah, he's a total Tard
by ham236 September 14, 2009
A person who thinks or believes they are smart , funny or witty... but in reality; they are just an idiot
President George W Bush is a tard
by Bastardized August 01, 2008
Someone whos is lacking all manners of intelligance. Someone whos is going out with a kid named David.
And insult used by awsome people with great observing skills to make dumb people want to kill themselves
"Jessica, you tard"
"Jessica shut-up you're a tard"
"Jessica you dumbass tard, stop arguing with James, hes always right"
by Jamehahnda May 19, 2007
An obnoxious over the top fan of any American Idol contestant.
OMG, the Adam Lambert tards have taken over this thread. I know, I hate Adam Lambert, but I hate his tards even more.
by Verne Troyer the Man October 22, 2009

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