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A person who is stupid and entirely tedious at the same time. Many times they are oblivious to their own mental incapacity.
Mason and Chris are considered the company dolts because they screw up everything they touch.
by FRizzo August 23, 2005
Fermented, yellowish substance that congeals under a man's uncircumcised foreskin.
If Chris would show Mason how to clean his penis, he wouldn't get so much nob cheese.
by FRizzo August 22, 2005
Someone who is stupid, but in an annoying way. In fact, if they were actually mentally retarded it would be a dramatic improvement.
Mason is so stupid that it's pissing me off! He's a real 'tard.
by FRizzo August 06, 2005
When you can see a man's or woman's hard nipple(s) protruding through his or her shirt. See also smuggling raisins.
Man, Chris and Mason were nerping hard when the air conditioning came on!
by FRizzo August 23, 2005
Someone who constantly nit-picks other people's mistakes while simultaneously is completely oblivious of their own.
Mason thinks his crap doesn't stink. He's such an ass clown.
by FRizzo August 06, 2005
A person who gets sexually aroused by sitting in a tub of water, farting and then eating the bubbles.
Mason's breath smells like shit because he's a little twerp.
by FRizzo August 23, 2005

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