Someone who is short a few cards of a deck. A stupid, lame reason for not passing 7th grade. "School is for fools" I wanna sleep all day. Buddy Your a "Tard". Not linked with a person with a special need or education slow learning. Absolutely Not to be used in that respect. If some does! You must Punch them. We don't pick on handicapped individuals. This is crucial to not link with RE-****. That word was deleted from Ne Vocabulary Dictionary.
Joe you Tard} you just used Chads Go-Fast on Margie's Potatoes salad. Mal will never keep up with her. Large Marg is using that Tard Mal again for a Dil'Doe! No Wonder He's Grinning Ear to Ear like Eric everyday".
by Butchreno911 October 21, 2015
A TARD is a socially awkward person that suffers from FUCKNUCLE SYNDROME. (INCURABLE)
Look at that FUCKNUCLE over there, what a TARD!
by Marnstar August 31, 2015
A more polite way of saying retard.
1. Dave is licking the window again he's such a Tard.

2. No the Eiffel Tower is not located in Blackpool you Tard
by Hancri August 17, 2014
Short for Retardican. Low or lacking in intelligence. Low mental capacity of Republicans.
Oh well he is a retardican that explains it.

He is a retardican that is why he is so stupid.

She is a retardican that is why she votes against her own rights.

All tards vote that way.

You would have to be a tard to vote against your self interests.

Only tards vote against themselves
by TardObserver November 19, 2013
a person not qualified to be a retard
I heard that tard Billy has been eating out of his cats litter box again is he stupid
by Mark888 January 27, 2012
short for a retarded or acting retarded person
jamie is such a tard she just doesnt get it
by starpion December 15, 2011
A shortened version of the word 'retarded'. Usually a person who is incredibly stupid. Also see retarded, frutarded, and artard.
"Don't worry if it's hard, if you're not a friggin' tard you will prevail!"
-Captain Hammer
by Elvira of the dark August 26, 2011

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