a short form of the word "retard." A more polite way to call someone a retard; can be used in a serious context, or in a joking manner.
She is such a tard.
Shut up you tard!
by Hermoine Wazlib January 21, 2009
or those R Tards or retards that don't deserve the R and E.
1. Your a Tard.
2. Whats a Tard.
1. it a retard that is so retarded, that they don't deserve the Re.
by Jwarren142000 May 16, 2008
A more polite way of saying retard.
1. Dave is licking the window again he's such a Tard.

2. No the Eiffel Tower is not located in Blackpool you Tard
by Hancri August 17, 2014
a person not qualified to be a retard
I heard that tard Billy has been eating out of his cats litter box again is he stupid
by Mark888 January 27, 2012
short for a retarded or acting retarded person
jamie is such a tard she just doesnt get it
by starpion December 15, 2011
A shortened version of the word 'retarded'. Usually a person who is incredibly stupid. Also see retarded, frutarded, and artard.
"Don't worry if it's hard, if you're not a friggin' tard you will prevail!"
-Captain Hammer
by Elvira of the dark August 26, 2011
A cross between a retard, and calling someone a turd!
He's a real tard!
Arrghh you tard!
by Nishaa_12345123451245 July 19, 2010

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