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A girl with a really nice ass, beautiful eyes and gorgeous lips. She is very funny and almost every guy had a crush on her at one time.
Tannys is also athletic and somewhat cocky.
Guy 1: Man that girl has a fine ass!
Guy 2: She is such a Tannys.
by Undercover_Pix November 05, 2013
Ta•nny /tan-knee/ n. 1. Often succeeded by the words "the gr8" or "the great." 2. He flirts with any girl he sees, loves cars, being goofy and telling offensive jokes.
That guy's shirt says "Tanny the great" on it!
by BAMF_or_so_I_read February 09, 2008
Defined as a great Basketball player.
Anyone previlidged enough to be known as "Tanny" is being decribed as the perfect Baller.
Player 1) "The Tanny is on a role!"
Player 2) "No Suprise then"
by Map-H November 07, 2010
A tanny is someone who:
1. characterized by orange/rough tan skin from repeated exposure to tanning beds.
2. They often travel in packs with other tannies.
3. Frequently seen in Abercrombie clothing, they are only popular due to the superficially enhanced melanin tone.
4. A tanny can also belong to the group "high school hotties"
Although not all high school hotties are tannies. (See high school hotties)

"Hey Jill, I'm doing a project with the tannies, do you think they can be trusted?"

"Bethany, I just saw a group of tannies, they are infiltrating our school!"

"He's only with her because she's a tanny"
by HSMF's April 01, 2008

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