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Same as the Americanized version, Talia, only with an "H" at the end. Also similar to Thalia. Look up: Talia or Thalia

A beautiful girl who can make anyone smile and brighten up their days just by hearing hear laugh or seeing her smile. You would be lost without this girl if you ever went out with her.

A girl who can make anyone smile and brighten up there days just by hearing her laugh or seeing her smile. Typical blonde. She is someone who you cannot live without. Once you meet her, you world is turned around into laughs.

tal-EE-uh- A comedic muse; a Goddess of ancient times. One who can make any person laugh and lift all spirits.
That girl is so Taliah.
by legendaryimprov July 28, 2010
Taliah, a person who often goes by Tali, and when she walks into a room, everyone screams... if the haven't already left the room.
by DerpKat May 15, 2016
A girl who is not cognizant of her ratchetness . Goes by the alias of Nicki Revlyn . She believes everyone likes her & wants to get with her , which obviously is false . She majors in pseudology - the art of lying . She is also one who is prominent , if you will . As well as , she has a best friend ( whose name we shall not mention ) , who is the ideal women for any "hipster" boy .
Jane : So i was at Taliah's house yesterday ...
Riley : EW . WHY ?
Jane : She had me buy her a pregnancy test .
Riley : Seems accurate .
by It's Me Doe . March 06, 2013
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