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A truly beautiful girl, smart, unique, outgoing, very friendly loves meeting new people, sexy AMAZING beast, gets freaky like fo'sho. Great friend and companion always there for everybody she loves and cares about. Most people in those world worship. Best friends with Jennifers, Julie's, and Sisley's.
Youre going out with thalia?! Shes sexy!
by thalapiafool June 26, 2010
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Amazingly beautiful. Gourges. Constantly smiling. You look at her and wonder what's going through her head. Very mysterious and keeps you guessing. Most cherish her, if not they envy her. Everything about her is captivating and her eyes are desired. Usually have big hearts and cares a lot about the people around her. Doesn't want attention, but ends up being the center of it. There's more than meets the eye when it's comes to her. You are bound to be under her spell.
Yeah I know Thalia, she's so ugh!

Thalia is so young, but she could get it!
by cannabisandleah November 26, 2011
hella cool chick. shes extremely smart, a born leader and super charismatic shes a charmer and sometimes a flirt, and can get guys to fall in love with her without even trying. however, she never looks for a relationship. if she likes someone she keeps it to herself and wants to make sure its the real thing. however if you tell her you like her, she may start to get intereest if she already hasn't. she chooses friends carefully and its hard to get into her close cirlce of friends. once she considers you her friend youll be a super lucky person. she opens up easy but you have to ask and shell know if you care. shes an extremely interesting and unique person who doesnt care much what others think. she likes to please, but she makes sure shes pleasing herself along the way. overall, shes a dynamic, on the go, adventurous and creative being. she loves passionately and stands up for what she believes in.keep her close, gain her trust. if you dont keep it interesting or show her youre interested in her, shell lose interest. she likes new adventures and if she feels you arent fulfilling her expectations, she won't ditch you but you may lose her interest. you can always gain it back, though, because she never gave up on you. she has hope for people and looks at the good side of everything. the optimistic and ambitious Thalia can be a challenge to keep up with sometimes but if she cares enough, shell slow down.
Thalia will go very far in life! Apart from being ambitious, adventurous, and headstrong, she savors the small things and finds joy in spending quality time with her loved ones However, shes independent and likes space. She has pride and is confident in her abilities, and likes to help people.
by Mikeyg43 June 29, 2013
The greek muse of comedy.
In a greek play, look to Thalia's help when performing a comedic piece.
by Shinigami Dani July 18, 2003
One of the Nine Muses of Greek mythology, Thalia presides over comedy and bucolic poetry. In art she was depicted holding a comic mask, a shepherd's staff, or a wreath of ivy.

Thalia is also apparently the stage name of a Mexican singer, Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda.
A daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, Thalia was the Greek muse of comedy and bucolic poetry.
by shoemoneytonight January 28, 2010
latina singer hotter than j-lo except for those freckles on her chest
thalia u one foine freckled biatch
by Charlene September 09, 2003
some random chick with dope bun cakes
Guy 1: Yo, thalia's got mad cake.

Guy 2: Agreed.
by Nugman Babblefish August 22, 2011
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