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means morning dew in hebrew.
Name of a girl/boy.
Hey Tal! What's up homie g skillued buiscut?!!?
by Tal Margolit November 27, 2007
One of the most common names in the hebrew language, meaning "Dew" in english. Commonly jewish, members of society carrying this name are typically synonymous with all descriptive phrases displaying kickassery.
Woah, if he would let me, I would totally have that Tal guy bang me!
by Jethro Tull June 08, 2005
This word/name usually describes a godly figure, one who tends to have a best friend named reggie. Tal is an accepted term that can be permitted in any word. For example, simply placing tal in any specific spot within a known word is acceptabtal in any language. Tal will soon create his own nation, ie: taloosh
I bought viagtal to treat my erectal dysfunctal.
I went to the hospital to help with my mental retalation
by Frankstal December 23, 2014
Acronym for "Thanks A Lot, Stoops!" Used by fans of the University of Oklahoma football team to disingenuously thank the overpaid head football coach Bob Stoops for another embarrassing loss to an inferior opponent.
As I watched Rashaun Woods running free behind the OU secondary, all I could say was "TALS".
by Jayson530 May 02, 2008
An abbreviation for "that's a lie". You can add this to many abbreviations like idk or roflpwn.
Josh has friends... tal
Kadin likes women... tal
by L@T3R October 26, 2009
Acronym for Testicular Adhesion Level. Representing the stickiness resulting from increased groin sweat. Measured from 1-10. Typically combated with the application of Goldbond powder.
It's so hot out here, my TAL is at a 9.5.

My TAL is through the roof, get me some Goldbond quick!
by Gonii May 13, 2007
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