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1. To defacate
2. To have a bowel movement, usually a large one, as a dump is symbolic of large quantities
1. "Oh hey, before we go on our road trip to Oklahoma, I should take a dump." Friend says, "Yeah, there aren't any toilets in the country."


2. "Oh man, why did I eat all of that Mexican food? I'm gonna have to take a huge dump, I'll be back in a week." Friend proceeds to hang a radioactive sign over the bathroom door for the next 30 years.
by khaan111 June 20, 2009
(variants: crap, squat, poop, or shit may replace dump)

to defecate
Come on, find a rest stop already. I have to take a dump.
by Light Joker April 04, 2005
The best way to lose weight.
Man I lost 10 pounds from taking a dump yesterday.
by www.eternalsoldiers.net September 02, 2003
The phrase you teach your 4 year old grandson to say when he needs to tell his mother he must have a bowel movement. The grandson is given to understand that the phrase must be spoken loudly in public places.
Mama...I gotta TAKE A DUMP!
by harry flashman July 13, 2003
1) to take an enormous shit, especially in the way of a "power dump" where the excrement quickly and powerfully leaves your anus

2) When a machine or electronic stops working or breaks, for no particular reason. Also known as "shat the bed"

3) An exclamation often used by people when they want to tell somebody to "fuck off" but are too afraid. Often used by kids and teenagers. The word dump is enunciated in a long way, so as to be spelled duuuummmmppppp!!!
1) Dude, i have to take a dump!!!

2)Kid 1: Why can't we play your XBox?
Kid 2: Cuz it sucks and it took a dump.

3)Dad: Go clean your room!
Kid: Take a duuummmmpppp!!!
by HOWNOWBROWNCOW88 July 31, 2008
It is a popular iPhone app created by Samir for Apple iPhone store
Its a iPhone app that can be found at Apple App store - Search for Take a Dump
by Vivister March 22, 2010
When someone choses to ruin part of you're day with thier bowel movements.
"damn Becca im having a nice relaxing shower and you had to come in here and ruin it." Yea well im sooooo sorry I needed to Take A Dump." "yea well Im going to need to take another later just to get rid of the stinch, it smells like a sardine's cunt filled with Indian food in here"
by Dougah November 17, 2006