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1. Protoss phrase meaning "In honor of Adun." Adun was a Templar during the Aeon of Strife, who was ordered by The Conclave to exile the Dark Templar, those who rejected the Khala. Instead, he attempted to teach the Dark Templar how to follow the Khala. Unfortunately, the Dark Templar lacked the training that the other Templar had, and psionic storms raged across Aiur as a result. Furious, The Conclave branded Adun a traitor, and attempted to kill him along with the Dark Templar. Adun sacrificed himself to save the Dark Templar. Now, the Dark and Khala Templar refer to Adun as a noble figure, hence the greeting, "En Taro Adun!" Also used as a battle cry.
"En Taro Adun, Executor! There is no time to waste! We must join our bretheren in battle!" - A Protoss Zealot
by khaan111 August 16, 2009
1. To defacate
2. To have a bowel movement, usually a large one, as a dump is symbolic of large quantities
1. "Oh hey, before we go on our road trip to Oklahoma, I should take a dump." Friend says, "Yeah, there aren't any toilets in the country."


2. "Oh man, why did I eat all of that Mexican food? I'm gonna have to take a huge dump, I'll be back in a week." Friend proceeds to hang a radioactive sign over the bathroom door for the next 30 years.
by khaan111 June 20, 2009
A phrase uttered by a dumbfounded person or persons after witnessing an act committed by an individual that is so incredibly stupid, ridiculous, retarded, moronic, and asinine that no other words can describe the idiocy of this certain individual.
1. 4chan user: Posts yet another Rule 34 picture, this time of V for Vendetta and Chuck Norris.

Sane 4chan user: WTF is this shit?

2. Reaction to hearing Miss North Carolina state that Budapest is capital of France, and Europe is a country on Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

5th Graders: WTF is this shit?
by khaan111 June 24, 2009
A recently created internet meme originally coined on Topless Robot.com. It comes from a comment posted by user "Brickhousebunny21" as follows:

"WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS? I wanna know whose idea was this RIGHT NOW. Who did this on purpose, huh? I found this little secret and I'm so angry I wanna know who did this and why or I'll report everyone here to the site moderaters on this website and Yiffstar and have the one responsible BANNED FOR LIFE. NOW TELL ME WHO DID THIS NOW?"

Brickhousebunny21 will now be mocked for life on Topless Robot.com
by khaan111 September 21, 2009
1. A particular individual who sits around all day gaining weight, and who is moronic. From the latin root, fattius oafius.

2. President Taft.
You: Yo, Joe, did you see Jerry at McDonalds the other day? That fatty had to use his inhaler after every bite.

Joe: Yeah, what a fat oaf.


You: Oh my God, that is one ugly walrus in that picture.

Other guy: That's not a walrus, it's just President Taft's baby picture.
by khaan111 April 07, 2009

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