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hot sexy girls with a weird sense of humor
Those girls are so taja!
by Hannah Nyugen February 22, 2006
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Probably your best friend, she's cute and sweet but you wont date her. Its because your to busy chasing fugly troll should just ask her out already. But you wont because your afraid of rejection
Louie: Hey taja i feel like i can tell you anything
Taja: Same...I love you
Louie: I love you too
Taja: I really wished I had a boyfriend as amazing and cool as you
Louie: Yea so i guess i will see you monday! *kisses cheak*
by BudahBear June 08, 2011
A. noun; Group of go hard girls.
B. verb; when these go hard girls gather together to interact.
C. verb; being in the presence of these go hard girls.

Persons need not be individually identified for they are known world wide.
May be used in comparison
E.g. TAJA is better than ACE in all ways.

by Jen Lynn November 28, 2006
The hindi version of the word freshie meaning
Someone who has just entered a english speaking country, and has poor english skills and has a very odd and mocked accent. Normally a person who has moved from a eastern country to a western country;

e.g. India to UK

Most of them wear trampy clothes (most asian freshies wear sandals the whole year round), and education is all they talk about.

If it is an asian freshy, then their man aim is to get their children to get all A*, and for their children to go to oxford uni.
Randomly shouting 'taja' or calling freshies taja's as only they know what it means
by heyhuh July 15, 2013

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