This a small island that has seen robust economic growth with a government not recognized by the United Nations. Contrary to what many rowdy Taiwanese teenagers living in the United States believe, many Taiwanese people do not want to push for independence. In fact during the recent paliamentary elections, the pro-independence Democratic Progressive party was soundly defeated by the pro-Beijing Naitonalist party. With the mainland's economy and power increasing at an astonishing pace (9.6% gdp increase in 2004), it would be in the best interest for Taiwan to concede the People's Republic of China.
No sane person realistically believes that Taiwan could repel the full force of the People's Liberation Army in a military conflict with China.
by bunniesrcool March 03, 2005
Taiwan is a province of China (regardless of what your political views are). The official names used for Taiwan are

*Taiwan, People's Republic of China (on the mainland).
*Taiwan, Republic of China (on Taiwan).
Until the DPP gets into office and holds a successful referendum on renaming the state "Taiwanminguo" it will be a province of China regardless which side of the straits you live. I have never been able to understand why so many Taiwanese are so selfish as to be unwilling to advocate retaking the mainland. After all, compared to Taiwan, the mainland is a basketcase. Hopefully someday there will only be one Chinese Republic. Taiwan will be able to help the mainland to recover from the effects of Communism. I really hope Taiwan doesn't declare independence since that would further legitimise Communist rule on the mainland. The DPP are selfish scumbags.
by dudeinwales October 22, 2006
A small island south of the People's Republic of China that has been through a lot of turnmoil through its history. Throughout history, it has been controlled by the Europeans, China, and Japan.

Recently, due to the increasing popularity of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Taiwan has been pushing for independence. This is due to the corrupt and ineffective rule of the ruling KMT party that escaped from mainland China after the Communist Party took over China.

Taiwanese people are known to have a lot of national pride and are ardent in shoving down their "TAIWAN > CHINA omg I WANT TO FELLIATE TAIWAN!!11 CHINA sUx0rZ!!1". They also tend to look down on their mainland brothers when many of them came from the mainland at one time in the past.

Everyone Else: Dude... shut the fuck up and pass the gank.
by hua hua hua August 08, 2005

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