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The full name of China.
Acronym of People's Republic of China.
Everything is made in PRC nowadays!
by moZzz June 19, 2008
Military prank acronym for "Prick."
Guy 1: "Private, find me a PRC E7"
Guy 2 (goes to E7 sergeant): "Sergeant, I need a PRC E7"
Sergeant: "How about you do some pushups?!"
by Jakenator_KILL March 17, 2011
Preciado, Rohit, Carter or "PRC" is a secret friend organization founded by Brandon(22) in 2012. It consists of: Brandon (founder and girl-with-boyfriend connoisseur), Derek (psuedo UCI frat star and amateur swing dancer), Rohit (marathon puker and IPA specialist), Nick (bartender and skilled wingman), Daniel ("puke and rally" expert and KBBQ king), Steven (guitar authority and voice of reason), and Andrew (ex-herbologist and drink sipper). Most known for tied hands, mediocre carpool karaoke, a strange obsession with One Direction/anime, and hooking up with the same girls, the PRC has become synonymous with buffoonery.
"Is the party going to be lit fam?"
"The PRC is coming."
"Say no more."
by BeefHabibi May 25, 2016
Although it does stand for the People's Republic of China, PRC also stands for PRIDE RACK CITY. This is a well-known combination of the Lion King and Rack City, which results in epic friendships, lions, cash$$$, inappropriate music videos, and The Circle of Life.
Person 1: Why is PRC Pride Rack City instead of Pride Rock City?
Person 2: Because Rack City is obviously better!!!
by the K in RACK city November 29, 2013
Polish Race Car; A 5 speed manual, pre-2004 Honda Civic. Note that most Polish Race cars are usually beat to shit and may have off-center spray painted racing stripes on the body as well as hilarious bumper stickers and decals. The PRC is an excellent vehicle for trolling IRL.
Fabio: Yeah, my friend John here is a race car driver.

Some Slut: Really? What kind of car do you drive?!

John: A PRC.

Some Slut: What's that...?

Fabio: A Polish Race Car. <points to the car>

Some Slut: Oh my. That's quite the car, John. Wanna take me for a ride?
by Harvey LongCock April 04, 2012
Short for Pre-Run Crap: the act of shitting as much as possible before a run to avoid the need to do so mid-run.

syn. Pre-Race Crap
Dude, James just shit himself! Poor bastard should've remembered the PRC.

Me: Man, that post run shit was VIOLENT.
Dustin: Good thing you remembered the PRC; you might not have made it back...
by JasonDB_355 August 23, 2006
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