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Chinese territory. however, rogue u.s pupet regime. comprable to south korea, japan, singapore, israel, hong kong. oppressed by imperialism, and fascism. serves the interest of western multinational corporation. destabiliser of east Asia. in street lingo, taiwan is the uncle tom of China. they worship white people, go along with everything white people say, and are self defeating. they idolise the rich, and despise the poor. it's everything you don't want your province to be.
are you going to taiwan this summer? no. i like my freedom too much.
by ll fool j July 23, 2012
Province of the Republic of China (1945-)
Collection of prefectures of the Empire of Japan (1895-1945)
Province of Qing-Dynasty China (1683-1895)
"The capital of the Republic of China is currently located in Taipei, Taiwan. The capital of the People's Republic of China, however, is in Beijing."
by Guomindang January 24, 2010
An island off the coast of china. currently under the control of Republic of China, Taiwan. It lost it seat in the United Nation to the People's Republic of China; has no 'official' state relation with major countries(including USA) but in reality, almost every country has normalize tie with taiwan.

both china and taiwan are known to "buy" support for their cause from other countries with trade deals.

once regarded as one of the "asian tiger", it's tension with China causes foreign investor to fear over long term stablize and had somewhat pamper it's growth. Taiwan is well known as a producer of electronic; with major competitors come from China Proper and South Korea.

all the politic aside, Taiwan is a beautiful island of natural landscape.

It also used to be the midpoint for flight between Asean and USA, but newer planes make it possible to fly straight.
Taiwan remain a hotspot in Asia. It would be to the best interest of every country, that status quo is maintain.
by akinkhoo April 28, 2005
Summer camp for chinese kids.
(chinese parents)- Im so happy summer has arrived, i've just drop my kid in taiwan. I'm free for two awesome weeks!
by Mr.coooooooooool October 21, 2010
Used to be a Province of China,an island where next to Fujian Province of China,most people are Han folks,including a big amount of Hakka-speaking and Minan-speaking Chinese,and some kinds of native minority.Now it has government,military and independent economic system as well,but not yet an independent country formally,Taiwan is still in the name of "Taiwan,A Republic of China's province",the Capital of Taiwan is Taiepi,has been the temporary capital of Republic of China since General Cheng Kai-shi's government has escaped to Taiwan.
The name of "Taiwan" was given by Ching Dynasty Chinese government,so it would be more patriotic to remove the name of "Taiwan" when it is going to be independent,for completely distinguish from China in both concept of history or nationalism.
Taiwan affair is the only thing which interrupt China's attention to the glorious fame again.
by Roy March 31, 2005
A province of China located in the Pacific Ocean off of the coast of the People's Republic of China. This province of China repeatedly attempts to break away from the mainland, however they fail in all aspects, including government, illustrated obviously by corruption charges on the previous President and the Senators fighting in congress.
Taiwan is part of China
by Chairman Hu? October 06, 2008
This a small island that has seen robust economic growth with a government not recognized by the United Nations. Contrary to what many rowdy Taiwanese teenagers living in the United States believe, many Taiwanese people do not want to push for independence. In fact during the recent paliamentary elections, the pro-independence Democratic Progressive party was soundly defeated by the pro-Beijing Naitonalist party. With the mainland's economy and power increasing at an astonishing pace (9.6% gdp increase in 2004), it would be in the best interest for Taiwan to concede the People's Republic of China.
No sane person realistically believes that Taiwan could repel the full force of the People's Liberation Army in a military conflict with China.
by bunniesrcool March 03, 2005