One of the best and most friendly country in the world.
It is independant of course.
The UN have troubled to affirm ths independance because it would imediately lead to a WW3.
Only china still thinks it owns taiwan but no way.
China sucks.
Fuck China.
-Dude you look so tired.
-I spent the night in shilin N.M.
-Your "love taiwan/ hate china" tshirt is nice, where did you get it?
-oh it is made in china.... ok i'm jokin'
by Many from BK October 29, 2008
A democratic island country which is not recognized by the western powers solely because they want to maintain a economic relationship with People's Republic of China.

It had been under the colonization of different nations: The Dutch, the Japanese, and then the Chinese Nationalist who fled to Taiwan after losing the civil war against the Chinese Communists. After decades, the Nationalists and the Taiwanese eventually became one, just when the Communists start to claim that Taiwan is part of China.

*Some reasons why don't the Taiwanese people want to be a part of China:

Corrupt government controlled by a single party.

Controlled media.

Mass genocide. (Tibet and Uyghur)

No right for their people (they can't even vote)

They have hunderds of missles ready to launch to Taiwan.

They've locked the economy of Taiwan and plan to press it further.

The Taiwanese people don't pay taxes to the Chinese government.
Most of the world have turned their back against us because of self interest. Where is justice? Where is human rights? Why should we, who had been enslaved again and again and finally regained independence, be robbed of our land once more?

Like the Tibetans and the Urghur people, We need to be freed from Chinese opression once and for all. I hope you've all seen Brave Heart. What we need is FREEDOM.

We are born to the island of Taiwan, and it is our home.

We were raised here, from infants to adults.

On this little piece of land we find our love, just like you.

We will grow old, and we will die here.

We are the Taiwanese.
by shmosher April 08, 2010
- A country SEPARATE from China.
- A place of beautiful and kind people.

- Highly emphasizes the concept of respect.
- Places great emphasis on education of each individual.
- Taiwan's government does not oppress their citizen's, unlike China's government. Many Chinese people have no idea that so much of their education has been screened and edited before allowing them to access it.
by Medical_student22 April 16, 2011
is not china
They're just jealous because we kick their a** in every aspect.
Chinese person: Taiwan is China
Other person: F*** no, Taiwan is independent, get it right you greedy a** motherf***er.

person#1: i'm from china

person #2: F*** that s***, I'm from Taiwan.
by DontMessWithTaiwan December 15, 2010
compared to china, taiwan has hotter girls who have bigger eyes, sexier guys who have bigger abs, better manners, better food, a better government...pretty much the superior chinese people.
a: dude she's hot

b: what? that chinese chick?

a: naw man shes too pretty to be chinese, shes gotta be taiwanese

b: gotcha bro
by dapiku October 26, 2011
Formally know as the R.O.C, the Republic of China. Taiwan was just a province of the ROC until the communist (known as the red bandits to people in the ROC)took over mainland China. Taiwan is now all that is left of the first democratic country in Asia. Many people(especially in Europe) think Taiwan as part of the communist PRC, People's Republic of China. But, of course, that isn't true. It is the wish of many Taiwanese to reunite with mainland China as a DEMOCRATIC country and get rid of communism for good. Taiwan has little to none international power due to the oppresion of the PRC. The ROC competes in the Olympics as Taipei, capital of Taiwan. Why? Because this was the only way that it could have a chance to enter most international events due to the PRC. Taiwan today is in chaos and desperatly needs an extremely strong leader to make the first democratic country in Asia great again.
It is true that Taiwan is now in chaos. I'm lying if I said it's not. I am a person that is loyal to the Republic of China, not the province Taiwan. I will never bow to the communist government and 5 star flag. I will do everything in my power and lifetime to make the Republic of China great again and get rid of the traitors of the Chinese culture for good.
by P.C.K. January 12, 2006
An island on which a partially recognized country called the Republic of China resides, led by the nationalist party of China, represented by the Nationalist flag of China.

The vast majority of the population are ethnic Chinese, who speak Mandarin and utilize Chinese characters.

Over 65% of the island's trade (imports/exports) is conducted with the people's republic of china (as of 2011), and over 1 million ROC citizens live and work in the PRC, overseeing ROC investments.

The Chinese nationalist regime presiding over Taiwan Island claims all of the PRC, Mongolia, parts of India and other territories because it considers itself the legitimate ruler over all of 'Greater' China as defined by historical boundaries and by the fact that it lost these territories to the communists in the Chinese civil war.
by varietygamer February 10, 2013

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