1. The country that makes the best motherboard in the world. Ex. Asus, MSI are Taiwanese companies

2. The country that makes PS3 chips for Sony

3. The country that has best IC board and chips in the world, unlike Samsung crap

4. The country that has highest building in the world (Taipei 101)

5. famous in food and night market

6. Taiwanese win Star Craft and WOW Champion sometimes

7. threaten by China

8. lots of sexy chicks

9. Very Professional in baseball.

10. Where Chien-Ming Wang is from

Where are you from?

I am from Taiwan.
by Jos Washington December 19, 2006
A country that is far superior to China.
Shanghai is the most developed city in China? Ha ha, it's still no Taipei.
by Ookpick GooseFrubba August 20, 2005
Taiwan, a democratic nation, unlike China. Look for definitions in words like China, Mao, Mao ZeDong, comrade and you shall see posts made by this brainwashed fool called Comrade Communist Savior, who obviously had his/her brain messed up by China's propaganda just like many people in China. For people in favor of People's Republic of China, read some history, as I had briefly, and you will realize that the Republic of China R.O.C. was established well before the P.R.C. which may actually claim that Taiwan was the real China and that "terrorists" or so-called communists, lead by Mao ZeDong, took over the "real China" using military force. So, if you think about it, China is still run by the "terrorists" and Taiwan may actually be in fact the "real" China.

Also, as others have already said, Taiwan is a fully sovereign country complete with its own democractically elected goverment, its own fully indpendant military, its own currency (New Taiwan Dollar or NT$), its own internet code (.tw) and its own phone code (02). It may not be formally recognized by most goverments, but the fact is, it is not a part of China.
I became interested in Taiwan and China relations after seeing and reading about them in the news.

From my personal opinion, I believe Taiwan shouldn't be part of China.

From previous readings in Urbandictonary.com, I have found this particular quote I liked, "The Chinese government should fix the starvation, illiteracy percentage, unequal property distribution, AIDS carriers, black government operations, human rights violations and communistic society first, then maybe Taiwan would consider an union." - MADE IN TAIWAN
by peteyz15 March 05, 2005
taiwan is not part of the PRC china
PRC is china
Taiwan is taiwan
ROC is a false name applied to Taiwan by the KMTs still dreaming to take back China (KMT only says the work Taiwanese or Taiwan when it comes to election)
Chinese Taipei proves that Taiwan is not a part of China but rather unreconized internationally (or else you would have stuff like Canadian Quebec, American Virgin Islands XD)
International Facts
by RandomTaiwanese August 16, 2004
An independent land mass off the coast of South-Eastern China whose status remains undetermined. While I wish I could call it a sovereign nation, the TAIWANESE people have not decided their own fate in a referendum in which no mainlander should be allowed to vote.
Taiwan has a progressive government and makes kick-ass computer parts.
by jj_frap October 11, 2003
a friendly country that is under the threat by a country in the UN (china), how ironic
OMG WTF, so much for that "universal declaration of human rights" and peace-keeping and UN. It seems that UN is a laissez faire with more words than action.
by Connotator May 05, 2005
The only democratic country in the world that "Dare" to allow its nationals to vote and say "Heh!! China point your bozookas elsewhere!!"
Ah-Bian says..."Taiwan" your China
by Horik January 13, 2004
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