The part of a car where exhaust is expelled. Also an opening used to pleasure a car.
My car seductively stared me down until I finally realized she wanted sex. I whipped out my raging hardon and fucked her tailpipe good.
by Xaero320 January 17, 2010
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That tight, puckered opening of your wife or female friend that is situated just inches below her beautiful love tunnel. The only place that one can be a Bung Tonguer, or even an Anal Intruder. When spreading her ass cheeks wide, you can place your nose up close to her Bunghole and slowly inhale the scent of her Balloon Knot and slowly lick the taste right off and around her Gumhole. With slow, deliberate stabbing motions of your tongue, in and out of her Turdcutter, she can achieve anal orgasm. At that point you introduce the aspect of being a Rectum Rooter and while thrusting your penis in and out, ejaculate deep in her Tailpipe.
Larry: Hey Joe, you are acting odd. What happened last night?

Joe: The timing was perfect, I got to Cornhole Cindy last night and dumped the biggest load I ever had in her Tailpipe.
by The King Cornholer May 08, 2008
To have anal intercourse with someone. Usually against their will.
Jim’s outback getting tailpiped by Ted.
by Sam February 20, 2004
To finger someone in the butthole with your big toe

To insert your big toe into someone's anus
Hey!...Colin Ima tailpipe you the butthole.
Insultive term used primarily against a male, normally this word would be used when you have become bored of using more common phrases such as dick head, wanker, knob head, twat etc etc.
Mat says: You heard anything off Mark?
Carl says: Nah mate, I text him the other day but the tailpipe did'nt reply.
Mat says: F**k him then mate.
by DeV1Se August 05, 2006

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