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The Sphincter Scale is simply a scale which measures the forces and effects caused when one passes wind (FARTS).

The scale is divided into 10 categories... with 1 being the lowest, and 10 being the highest.

1: Slight perp... sometimes silent. Usually detected within 30 seconds by a well trained nose. Best released by lifting one half of the arse and slowly allowing gas discharge. Usually has the smell of a warm biscuit.

2: Gas Shot... Can be heard if not carefully released, detection time is same as above. Very little Vibration if arse is firmly planted on chair / bench / sofa. Usually let off in queues, usually in Banks or where people are buying a Lottery ticket.

3: Flustered Fart... Can be heard in quieter surroundings, usually let off when walking. Never detected by its owner, but by the next poor soul who stops nearby the release site. Best dropped when walking away from a cash machine.

4: Parppp... Definitely detectable by anyone in close proximity. Higher volume output than that of the afforementioned scale factors... Can be used to show off to mates, or to be kicked out of bed by the missus. Slight vibration occurs if directly aimed onto a spring based matress.

5: Trump... Most commonly heard in working mens clubs, and changing rooms. Men find a sense in pride in dropping these, although women (other than wives married over 5 years) find this type of fart impossible to acheive in the presence of any person. Vibration can be felt on laminated flooring upto 2 metres from the epicentre.

6: Barp!... Highly flammable and detectable by all within a 5 metre radius. Requires round neck jumper to be substituted for gas mask for at least 120 seconds after the release. High level of Turdulence which can be easily felt if sharing a pub bench with the offending Barp!'er.

7: Serial Barp!... Not advised unless alone, or with person you dislike. A series of loud farts are released with no shame involved. Can lead to a spurt of bum gravy from the offenders rectum if not carefully released. Tremors from a serial barp can be felt many metres away. If dropped whilst bathing, can create high numbers of methanic bubbles and extremely obvious vibrations detectable by anyone situated in the room directly below the bathroom.

8: Bottoms Up... A fart of unprecented excellence, high in stink factor and low in shame factor. Only achievable by overweight men and lesbians. Requires offender to take a shite minutes afterwards, as the forces required to create a bottoms up fart can push faeces towards the anal opening and out into the offenders underpants. Skid marks inevitable.

9: Anal Lacerator... Highly potent, the force involved in releasing a fart of this magnitude are immense. Offenders are advised to use caution, examples could be by pulling down their clothing to avoid causing permanent material damage to their garments or wearing someone elses underwear. Painfully released and extremely high decibel count (over 80dB) and best dropped during football matches or when in a jacuzzi, although lifting of the arse is advised to avoid excessive vibration to the tile work.

10: The Ultimate in Fart Technology... This fart is only available to those who eat Mexican & Indian Cuisine. The gaseous effects of which can contaminate a room for upto 30minutes from the time of release. Causes eyes to water and throats to dry up. Offenders require dark underwear to cover up excessive stains. Vibrations of a fart of this power can cause tables and chairs to shake momentarily. Not advised during family barbecues and wedding ceremonies. Offending persons usually have homosexual tendencies or large thick stools which tend to be unflushable.
Guy 1: Mate I dropped a corker last night on our lasses face when she wa asleep. Set her alarm to go off straight after aswell. Must've measured a 8 on the Sphincter Scale!

Guy 2: Mint lad... did she say owt?

Guy 1: No mate, shes not moved since.
by DeV1Se October 16, 2006
Word associated with the initial shockwaves involved during the process of passing wind.
Made up by several factors... smell, vibration, victim reaction, stink longevity and effective radius.
That fart had some Turdulence mate! well in.
by DeV1Se October 16, 2006
An Eastern European Bint
Lad 1: I'd do that over there lad

Lad 2: What that Bintski?

Lad 1: Where's she from like?

Lad 2: Slovakia mate

Lad 1: I'll give it a miss

by DeV1Se July 29, 2006
(Pronounced: She Male'ian)
An insult to a woman who's gender cannot easily be distinguished.
Lad 1: Look at that butch bitch over there mate

Lad 2: Thats not a bird, thats a Shemalien...

Lad 1: Whats one of them.... ?

Lad 2: A man, a woman and an alien all in one.

Shemalien: I heard that ya cheeky tw@t... now piss off before I crack ya both
by DeV1Se August 05, 2006
Insultive term used primarily against a male, normally this word would be used when you have become bored of using more common phrases such as dick head, wanker, knob head, twat etc etc.
Mat says: You heard anything off Mark?
Carl says: Nah mate, I text him the other day but the tailpipe did'nt reply.
Mat says: F**k him then mate.
by DeV1Se August 05, 2006
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