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To have sexual intercourse with a tailpipe. Also known as Howarding. This act also refers to anal intercourse with someone who has a hot rusty anal cavity.
I found a picture of that guy from work tailpiping Mercedes, the car, not the woman.
by Jayrockopotmus February 13, 2008
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Tucking your penis between your legs and having sex with a girl doggystyle.
You know Brianna Bradleys girlsfriend? I totally tailpiped the shit out of her last night

We were tailpiping last night and my mom walked in!
by Sir.Whits. March 05, 2011
Verb used to describe the physical act of love between a man and his pickup.
Billy's going to be late again: I just saw him tail-piping his truck in the driveway.
by 2plus2 December 11, 2011
(verb) After taking a hit from a bowl, bong, joint, blunt or any comibnation there of and then while fucking a girl you blow the marijuana smoke into her anus
I was tailpiping some chick last night and she fucking farted and it went into my damn mouth..
by A-RON7 November 11, 2008

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