When one gay male, through manual use or the use of a car jack, spreads the butt cheeks of another, allowing a safe landing for a third member of the party, achieving a touchdown.
My roommate was planning on "Tailgating" some guy last night and asked me if i wanted to be the place kick holder.
by Damonisfuckingcool November 08, 2011
When a couple is fucking doggy style, the guy pulls out and slaps his dick against her vag then she flips over onto her back and they keep going again. when the guy is ready he pulls out again and slaps her vag with his dick again. She gets back on her hands and knees and they keep going. (girl = meat being grilled, dick = spatula, guy = griller)
Bubba dreamed he was tailgating that cutie sophomore whose name began with a J (and ended in ulia). Although the chances of this happening in real life were slim to none, he held on to the fantasy and played it in his mind day in and day out.
by lilQTpie94 March 16, 2011
When you find an ass so fine that you will literally like to spend hours partying there.
That ass is so sweet i am seriously considering tailgating.
by TAILGATING December 23, 2011
Sex doggy style and the guys balls are slapping on the girls clitoris.
I was tailgating this chick last night and gave her an innie and outie orgasm.
by fukinawork December 06, 2010
When you fart and someone is walking behind you, they are said to be tailgating you.
Charles:Dude, i so had Christiana tailgating me the other day
by Angel Wings of 93ICE November 03, 2008
while making out with a girl, you slide her pants and panties down, and procede to finger her vagina by reaching over her back and ass. Some agility might be required
matt was tailgating amy while getting a blowjob
by nrb155 December 28, 2005
Strap-on sex between a male & female couple
"The GF and I were tailgating all last night, I can hardly sit down I'm so sore"
by C Gatewood July 09, 2006
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