a party where most in attendance are high on mdma.
the party went on until eight in the morning. it was a total griller.
by dr.freedom November 30, 2010
One who is extremely amazing and/or awesome at what ever he/she does.
Jimmy:Yo mang, we grillers right?
Corey:Yeah mang, no one messes with us.
by john sword September 06, 2006
A) A name used to identify very dark black folk that you don't know names. Short for gorilla.
B) A person with a gold silver or platnum front grill in their mouth
C) A fat balding man that grills even in the winter and usually bends over and you can see his ashy butt crack
A)Harvey we got a new griller moving in next doe you dont reckon theyd be steelen the chickens.
B)Man that griller is balling with them there grills in his mouth.
C That griller is throwing down on thm chicken wangs.
by CountryGrammarGirl2 July 10, 2008
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