1. A word used to describe the moment when the sun breaks over the horizon in the morning.
2. Anything non-bowel movement related.
-Did you see the tae this morning?
--Yeah it was nice.
by psychhhh May 01, 2009
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fecal matter
mabaho ang tae ni manolo

manolo's feces is very smelly
by iskarnorst October 23, 2003
(n.) filipino/tagalog word for poop, crap, dukie, shit.
Yo, get away from me man! Yo' breath smells like tae.

When I go tae in the field or in combat, I like to read the port-o-potty literature written on the walls.
by O-Dogg May 26, 2004
tongan swear word for shit
dang you smell like ta'e!
by J.Kickz February 17, 2004
Sexy guy with huge penis
Damn yo your a Tae.

I wish i could be like Tae.
by AHAHHh October 25, 2008
The Irish word for tea. The Irish drink a lot of tae!
Do ya want a cuppa Tae?

Ara, I'm grand!
by Don'tCallMeLenYaLittlePrick March 05, 2011
A black name pronounced tuh dash ee. THE DASH DON'T BE SILENT
Ta-e rudely snapped back at the stupid white lady that couldn't pronounce her name right by saying "The dash don't be silent!"
by beefsupreme42 April 26, 2012
tongan meaning for shit.
you smell like ta'e.

oku ke namu hange ha ta'e.
by tongan samoan33 February 20, 2009

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