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fecal matter
mabaho ang tae ni manolo

manolo's feces is very smelly
by iskarnorst October 23, 2003
bad odor
"ang baho ni manyoyo"

manyoyo is stinky

by iskarnorst October 23, 2003
Maasim na amoy na nanggagaling sa kili kile ng hindi naliligo.

Extremely sour odor emanating from the armpits when the person forgets to take a bath, and becomes sweat-soaked.
Ang putok ni manolo ay naamoy ng buong klase.

Manolo's armpit odor extended its influence over a whole classroom.
by iskarnorst October 27, 2003
mas mabahong b.o. kaysa putok

second level of body odor following "putok", stinkier than "putok"
may anghit si manyoyo, ambaho nya

manyoyo has anghit, he reeks
by iskarnorst October 27, 2003
corruption of the word "putok"

Frequently used by rac(tm)
Kita kits, kita kits sa McPutoc

Meet me at McPutoc
by iskarnorst October 27, 2003
Isang taong sa sobrang baho, ay sya ang hari ng lahat ng may putoc

A person, with his exceptionally smelly, putrid, rancid, and stinky body odor, that this person is declared king of all those blessed with PUTOC
All hail MAYNOYLOY!!
All hail der fühmer!
by iskarnorst November 14, 2003

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