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scottish word for 'penis'
or a stupid fuck.
1. that guys a fucking tadger.
by leanne November 20, 2003
Noun. A penis. Variant of 'todger'
The poor kid got his wee tadger caught in the zipper of his pants!
by Dick Wright-Upham November 17, 2010
A dick/cock/penis/willy/funstick/pork sword/magic wand
He had a tadger the size of a cat's cock
by Tracey September 13, 2003
Sexual organ located in the lower abdominal area.
Fuck off ya bloody tadger!
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
A Glasgow NED term for ones penis. Also Tadge, a shortened version is used when they 'cannae be arsed' with the former because it takes longer to say it.
"Here you, away and pull yer tadger".
by Paul Ritchie April 27, 2008
slang word for boobies
ashley - fuck! i ran down the stairs and almost killed masell wae ma tadgers!

me - D:
by yer da October 18, 2007
How could John expect to please a woman with that tiny tadger?
by Chaoslight November 11, 2003

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