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...And then Jaxom whipped out his Third Leg, and boned her up.
by Chaoslight November 11, 2003
An incredibly large, erect penis. Syn: dick, third leg, throbbing python of love,
Ant: prick
Launch the heat-seeking mositure missile!
by Chaoslight November 11, 2003
An incredibly large penis. Usually so large that the veins pulse, giving the impression of an angry snake. Syn: third leg, heat-seeking moisture missile
Ant: tadger, prick
His Throbbing python of love raised it's head and spat upon seeing the beautiful girl.
by Chaoslight November 11, 2003
One who fails to realize the difference between an intelligent argument and a string of profanities.
On the Newgrounds forums, the user 70TA is a fucking moron
by Chaoslight November 08, 2003
An incredibly large and thick penis. Syn: Third leg, throbbing python of love
"Hey honey" the hooker said. "How about relieving that Belly busting giggle stick?"
by Chaoslight November 12, 2003
Jehova's Witness. One who peddles religion foor to door like a cheap prostitute. See also: telemarketer, crapfest, fucking moron
One can't help feeling sorry for JWs. No one likes them.

MA! GET TEH GUN! IT's one of them JW's again!
by Chaoslight November 11, 2003
How could John expect to please a woman with that tiny tadger?
by Chaoslight November 11, 2003

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