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Having sexual intercourse with someone who is at least one generation older than you.
"Hey man, you be tabling my mama?"

"Yeah, I've been tabling your mama.!"
by Jimmy James August 20, 2003
13 11
Spending inordinate amounts of time on the site listening to and playing music for other 'tablers. The term is short for "turntabling".
Wow, I'm tired, I was up 'tabling all night playing 80s hits in the New Wave room.
by smithla8 July 10, 2011
4 2
When a man rubs his anus up & down a table leg, or when a woman rubs her vijayjay up & down a table leg.
man 1: dude, i got so many splinters from all that tabling yesterday

man 2: yeah, i know, same here, i pooed one out.
by Peteyporn December 02, 2009
1 4