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That's / That is
That is fine / That's fine----> tts fine
by H kM C j May 16, 2010
abbreviation of "True to Size"; commonly used when talking about the fit of a pair of shoes
I would definitely suggest getting your usual size, as these boots fit TTS.
by sweetascandie December 04, 2010
Tiny Text Syndrome, A condition suffered by several video games of the HD generation. When the text size is decreased (for aesthetics or) to be less obstructive on HD screens, but leaves non HD screens unable to display in-game text clearly.
Oh no! This game has TTS! I cant read anything on the screen!
by danno84a February 10, 2010
Acronym for 'Terrorizing The Streets', a short-lived chav/townie crew based in the middle-class North West London suburb of Ruislip, consisting of a dozen delinquent fifteen year-old boys thinking they're hard by prowling the Ruislip high street in their Burberry caps on Friday nights, graffiting everything in sight. Will attempt to start a fight on any grounds, but are not to be taken seriously.
Crew member: "TTS, blad. Gimmeyerfone."

To which one should reply: "Piss off."
by heebiejeebies November 13, 2004
TTS meaning "take that shit"
Guy1= dude i just fell and it hurts so bad.
Guy2= tts, stop acting like a baby.
by Dunwoody High March 15, 2008
Thinking The Same. Used when you are thinking the same thing the other person is. Usually your bff.
Girl 1: OMG!! No she didn't! I can't believe she's using that dress...
Girl 2: ....with those shoes!! so tacky!
Girl 1: TTS!! you totally get me gurl!
Girl 3: of course!! bff
by vale_cortes June 26, 2014
Tts are said to be the most MENACING crew In London. They have mean said to have carried out some of the most Horrific Torture's known to man. I.e.- It has been said that Members of the crew have took people down to the Ruislip woods and Tied them to tree's Naked, Shuving apples in the victims mouth and Tieing rubber bands to their penis's leaving them too fall off.
Manacing crew.Terrorising the streets. Sorounding areas of London, Found in Ruislip By Jamie Horn.
by Mathew Anderson March 14, 2005