Tweet That Shit
Nate "Vagina" Trippel: I hate those new jerseys.

Nate Lenig: "Tweet that shit!"

Me: TTS!
by bigtimeboner6 October 30, 2011
Typing Tourettes Syndrome. Occurs when one is texting and spells like he or she has fingers the size of a silverback gorilla.
bro 1: heawy braio watu arw yiu p towt?!
bro 2: bro you got some mad tts.
by BLACKNOTBROWN May 17, 2011
an abbreviation for Threat To Society
Dude, stop being such a TTS or we'll have to lock you up again.
by Miserably Rambling April 17, 2011
Trick Tramp Slut
All put your hands together and applaud Easy-E for TTS. Directly from Trust No Bitch.
by Someone called a TTS August 03, 2010
Tts are said to be the most MENACING crew In London. They have mean said to have carried out some of the most Horrific Torture's known to man. I.e.- It has been said that Members of the crew have took people down to the Ruislip woods and Tied them to tree's Naked, Shuving apples in the victims mouth and Tieing rubber bands to their penis's leaving them too fall off.
Manacing crew.Terrorising the streets. Sorounding areas of London, Found in Ruislip By Jamie Horn.
by Mathew Anderson March 14, 2005
The abbreviation for a craptastic website that has to do with sparkly vampires and no one knows what Harry Potter is. There is no swearing and everyone is aged ten and under, despite having to be 13 to sign up.
Dude.... Did you see TTS? It's SHIT now.
This stands for TTS and is closely related to the word TTL referring to the length of one's tie. TTS stands for "tie too short" and is much more funny than TTL. One has TTS when his tie is higher than the top of his belt buckle. Sometimes it's minor, but other times it's just ridiculous. Fat people are at high risk for TTS because the tie is often lying on top of their fat fuck bellies making the end of it far away from the belt buckle.
That guy looks hilarious...his tie ends ABOVE his fat fuck stomach. He has TTS BIG time.
by simonchuck June 21, 2009

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