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to have terrible times in ones past or to not like past...good times=gts, terrible tiems=tts
tts, those were bad times
by danny g fdajvnkfdvgbvr July 10, 2008
4 14
Abbreviation for "Time 'til Stella". The time until work ends, and consumption of beer (Preferably Stella Artois) may commence.
I'm having a shit day, thank God TTS is only half an hour ...
by scouse January 30, 2004
4 16
a "gang" that lives in the gheto of ruislip wich is situated in the north west area of london. they are Extremely violent and should not be Approached under any Circumstances. these youths are very well known for Seriously injuring other members of the public and have been known for very high levels of street crime.
may be herd shouting "tts blop blop blop!"
by hdgfusgfikegfiwg October 25, 2005
2 16
Baby Hitler; The worst possible person ever. Seriously.
TTS sucks. Seriously.
by EssEssEmm May 26, 2004
4 26