twilight takedown federation
ttf member" do u like twilight"
random guy" no i hate it"
ttf memeber " great u should join the TTF"
by salem56 May 24, 2010
used to counter the word "wtf?"

It means "that the fuck"
pWnzoR was sabered by Padawan.

pWnzoR: wtf?
Padawan: ttf.
by k00dr September 17, 2005
abbreviation for Time to fuck
Kid 1: whats good for tonight
Kid 2: Yo man ttf
by johnny258 May 10, 2008
Tacos and Turtles Forever
May everyone say the holy words. TTF
(Everyone else) TTF, Tacos and Turtles forever!
by Skormsghost April 30, 2009
population: 2
the kind of friendship you'll never know.
ttf #1:hey ttf

ttf #2:sup ttf

ttf #1:not much ttf
ttf #2: nice ttf
other: whats ttf?
ttf's (say in unison): whatever you want it to mean
by ferchelly August 15, 2009
Acronym for Tities That Flop. Made famous by a man named Dylan who liked to sing the phrase when he saw a chick with large breasts.
Dude, did you check out the TTF on that chick?
by Angry Clown December 08, 2005
Acronym: Through The Fly

Refers to the manner of which a hand job or blow job can be administered / received. Eg. TTF-HJ.

Origin: High School.
Robert didn't feel like going bare-ass on the cloth movie theater seats, so he convinced Jessica to serve him a TTF.
by C. Krueger Ivy League October 27, 2004
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