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When you're goin down on a girl and you use your tongue in her cum box and your nose in her clit to maximize the experience.
I was gonna go sturgeon fishing the other day and boy howdy did my nose get a wiff of that fish when I proceeded to go to town with the Bergman nose technique.
by THEdickhatch August 30, 2012
It starts off with a girl taking the initial poop to loosen up her butt hole then inverts her chill back mouth in the air so the guy can sit on her and align his chill hole with hers and poop into her butt and then perform the jackhammer in her butt then girl shits out the shit and man milk that's in her butt.
Was lookin' for some o' that nasty chill hole last night and I found it when this slut from the bar wanted me to poop chute her in the bathroom.
by THEdickhatch April 11, 2013
A man who goes for the largest and/or most overweight woman at a venue or in his social circle. (The ‘Blue Whale’ being the largest known animal to ever have existed).
Doug is such a Blue Whaler, especially after exacerbating his seamanship with a draught of 30 keg beers on Bromas.
by THEdickhatch April 11, 2013
Sometimes you need to go to great lengths to ice your bros. This icing exists when you stick a smirnoff ice in your anus, bottom first so the cap is the only thing showing. Then proceed to moon him right as he's coming around the corner. The bro seeing your brown eye will actually only see the ice, which he will be required to drink out of your ass.
I turned the corner to see Davey nose deep in Ben's ass, only to find out he had been Brown Iced and was guzzlin that shit down. Likewise, I whipped out my phone and snap chatted that shit to everyone.
by THEdickhatch May 28, 2013
When you play so much Mario Party with your bros that you get blisters on the palms of your hands.
Chris: Dude what's wrong with your hands?

Alex: Bro I've just been playing Mario Party 1 for the last week straight. Shit gives you party hands, bro
by THEdickhatch June 17, 2014

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