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Acronym for "tell that bitch she a bitch," shortened for your convenience.

Can be used when a bitch needs to be told what she is, or when people are arguing and you don't want to get involved but you still want to make sure that the bitch is told that she's a bitch.
"Yo, Sarah just got here."
"Ugh, TTB."
by discfive August 28, 2012
Short for Tight Teen Box is an attractive female, in their teen years
Example 1.
That chick on the left is prime TTB

Example 2.
Person 1 - Was there much TTB around?
Person 2 - Place was packed with it
by snackless August 03, 2008
Tries To Be Slag

A girl who attempts to get all the boys but fails and is also sexually inexperienced. Her qualities tend to include; nerdy abilities, bad hair and large nose.
Alex: God, Ruth is such a TTBS!
Steph: A what?
Alex: A TTBS!
Steph: Oh yeah, I know!
by Trevor125 January 10, 2011
TTB is an acronym that stands for Typical Thot Behavior. Please refer to Thot definition for clarification.
When you see a women 80% naked and it's not a bikini, that's TTB. When a woman takes 100 selfies, wearing 100 different outfits but her mirror is $4 from Wal-mart and her bed is only two mattresses(no frame), a comforter and 1 pillow, that's TTB. When a woman is in her late 20's and says her lip gloss be poppin while having cat paws tattooed anywhere on her body. That's TTB. When a thot is dressed like a THOT...and makes the comment "I be killing these hoes"...(which is suicide) That's TTB.
by ModifyYourLife June 26, 2014
TTB - tongue to bum. When rating a girl as 10/10. When is girl is so hot you would tongue her brown knot
Fuck she's hot, I would totally TTB her!
by Chrisyhill May 17, 2013
That's That Bullshit.
I just got pulled over TTBS
by DJDCS-139 December 15, 2012
That's that bull shit
Friend: "Hey Billy I think your Grandma is hot"
Billy: "TTBS"
by Im da B.O.S.S. January 15, 2009