Top Definition
Synonym of NSFW. First coined by u/TheOtherOneHasBells, TSFW stands for Totally Safe for Wanking.
That pic of Olivia Wilde is TSFW.
by The Mad Assbanger June 11, 2013
Thats so fucking weird
1: "Fuck this Frank kid, he keeps asking me out and I've only met him once"
2: "TSFW mann, like WTF"
by CharDaFuckingBest July 05, 2010
Too Scary For Work (or Too Spooky For Work)
Man, why didn't you mark that ghost thread TSFW!? I am seriously chilled to the bone in a way that may impair my job functioning.
by revf November 06, 2007
acronym for the saying

"That shit's for weiners!"
Dude I love playing Street Fighter 4!

by JACKREESE June 18, 2009
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