Trust is two cannibals giving each other blow jobs.
Dude! I trust you!
by Collinw24 June 12, 2012
trust isn't just telling people secrets and stuff, its knowing that when they tell you something it's the truth... even if you don't agree
go find your own example for trust =p
by real meanings for real words March 17, 2008
confidence game used to fade an opponent out of position, when used correctly trust may be used to eliminate friends and/or enemies
You are my best friend. I trust you...
by wriggler February 21, 2005
2 cannibals giving each other a blowjob.

"Thanks Gerald I'm really feeling the trust here. I promise I wont fork your eyes out later, but no promises about spoons."
by Sweet Nuts of Jesus August 07, 2012
two cannibals giving each other blowjobs.
i dont know. but if that doesnt mean trust, i dont know what the fuck does.
by lolno69 July 12, 2012
Trust means like i agree or same or yeah man i hear you.
Kevin: ayyo wuz good dawg?

Brian: n2m u?

Kevin: i wuz outside da mcdonalds in clifton yo and i saw dis smashable jawn rite and i wuz gonna holler at her but my mom told me to get in the car but yo if my mom wasnt there i woulda tried to smash ya mean?

Brian: Trust
by Kevin Hayden July 02, 2006
something that should be for sale in shops.
give me half an ounce of trust biatch
by sean walkington March 10, 2004

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