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confidence game used to fade an opponent out of position, when used correctly trust may be used to eliminate friends and/or enemies
You are my best friend. I trust you...
by wriggler February 21, 2005
A word females of the human species use but don't understand.
"Trust me, I'm not cheating on you"

*2 months later* She's pregnant with someone else's baby.
by matty c12243423 October 08, 2012
2 cannibals giving each other a blowjob.

"Thanks Gerald I'm really feeling the trust here. I promise I wont fork your eyes out later, but no promises about spoons."
by Sweet Nuts of Jesus August 07, 2012
two cannibals giving each other blowjobs.
i dont know. but if that doesnt mean trust, i dont know what the fuck does.
by lolno69 July 12, 2012
Trust is two cannibals giving each other blow jobs.
Dude! I trust you!
by Collinw24 June 12, 2012
Trust means like i agree or same or yeah man i hear you.
Kevin: ayyo wuz good dawg?

Brian: n2m u?

Kevin: i wuz outside da mcdonalds in clifton yo and i saw dis smashable jawn rite and i wuz gonna holler at her but my mom told me to get in the car but yo if my mom wasnt there i woulda tried to smash ya mean?

Brian: Trust
by Kevin Hayden July 02, 2006
Putting faith to someone's word
1. Cannibals who trust eachother do 69
2. If your trust a cannibal, let them go down on you
by A fat ginger June 20, 2010