the hardest thing to gain and the easiest thing lose
you've let me down, I trusted you
by rob_bassman July 17, 2011
something human beings have trouble what human can you trust....?
i cannot trust anyone...isnt friendship/friends about trust? well then in that case, i have no real friends....
by screw u bitch November 12, 2004
hard to win,easy to lose,and never fully regained
by angel00 October 02, 2012
short for TRUST ME
Jump and I'll catch you...TRUST!

It'll be fun, TRUST!
by Big Bertheeezeee September 03, 2008
the biggest lie in the history of ever
jenny: why did you spill my secret? I thought i could trust you!!!
becky: i lied
by honorband71 June 02, 2010
Putting your life in someone elses hands.
I trust her. she will do the right thing.
by Hooded Knight April 07, 2015
When you give your soul to a person, thinking they will never hurt it. Trust is when you believe with your entire heart that a person will not turn you around and stab you in the back.
"Two cannibals giving eachother blowjobs."

"I trust you to do this for me."
by CurvySpacePrincess March 17, 2016
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