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a low brass instrument with 3 or 4 valves that can be played in treble or bass clef. hardly anybody knows what it is so euphonium players often get tired of explaining it. they are usually the least ignorant section in low brass and the smallest and most talented section in the band.
band director: can someone please explain the coda to the trombones!?
euphonium section: we can! we can!
#low brass #trombone #tuba #awesome #baritone
by honorband71 July 02, 2010
the best and the worst day of the whole year. you're happy cuz you don't have to be with all the idiots that happen to go to your school. but you're freaking sad cuz you don't get to see any of your friends or accomplices for a whole summer.
on the last day of school you usually get to play games in all your classes but make sure you don't cuss at your teachers cuz they'll get you punished somehow. almost all girls and a few boys cry after the dissmisal bell rings
person 1: IT'S THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!
person2: *sniffles* i know...
#ldos #hags #summer #school #teachers
by honorband71 May 21, 2010
people get delirious when they havent had enough sleep or you have WAY too much sugar, especially soda. when youre delirious you do one or more of the following:

1. randomly laugh uncontrolably
2. rock back and forth like a retard
3. go long periods of time without blinking
4. you get frequent urges to poke some innocent person and skip away giggling
mark: look at that freak in the corner
mandy: woah! he must be delirious...
#crazy #insane #sugar rush #all nighter #soda
by honorband71 June 09, 2010
The place where under-qualified teachers and coaches that never stop yelling transform you from a sweet innocent 5th grader to either a self-absorbed loud-mouthed jock or a perverted sarcastic freak of nature. They also set you into groups based on how smart you are and make you feel bad about yourself in some way. The only way anybody makes it through the pure torture that you get everyday is the awsome people that you meet and the freedom of extracurricular activities.
mother: billy, you've been making more and more bad choices since you started middle school.
billy: of course i have, middle school does that to you.
#torture #band #friends #teachers #school
by honorband71 May 31, 2010
your closest friends in band. you have tons of inside jokes, make fun of non-band members, and laugh at stupid words like duty and uranus. together you make evil plans, insane pranks, and have crazy competions
person 1: can i be your favorite band buddy of the day?

person 2: no, you're too annoying
person 1: you suck balls!
#band geek #friend #bandhall #band nerd #band camp
by honorband71 March 27, 2010
the biggest lie in the history of ever
jenny: why did you spill my secret? I thought i could trust you!!!
becky: i lied
#backstabber #bff #friend #secret #liar
by honorband71 June 02, 2010
One of the most annoying things on planet earth. They have jiggly bodies and tentecles that they sting you with. The deadly ones near Austrailia like the box jellyfish can kill you within 10 minutes, but the common ones nears the USA aren't that dangerous but when they sting you it itches like there's no tomorrow.
Lisa: Ouch! I think I got stung by one of those stupid jellyfish!
Jane: Haha sucker.
#itch #annoying #kill #sting #stupid
by honorband71 August 03, 2010
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