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one who is ungodly ugly, morbidly obese, and somewhat resembles a troll, has terrible breath, and very small vocabulary, along with a selfish evil personality who drives anyone who is close to them away because of there greediness and drama. pretty much a down right messy person who is a stupid annoying bitch.
"Chynna is such a troll bitch, ive never met such an ungrateful evil selfish bitch."
by Edaray February 17, 2010
A person who you love unconditionally who is incredibly toxic to you yet you are blinded by love and cannot notice; a title given to an ex who was terrible to you.
Person 1: "Jordan, she's nothing but a Troll Bitch!"

Person 2: "You're wrong, she's the love of my life!"
by Sanguisuga January 30, 2015
one who is beastly, ugly, or one who is a super bitch,has green highlights, or by any chance is named ondrea
man that ondrea is a TOTAL TROLL BITCH i mean shes so ugly and mean its sickening!
by everyone_that knows her (sarah) February 28, 2008
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