5 definitions by bettie

cutting off the air supply during sex or orgasm, can be fatal if not careful
fun to feel so high from sex
by bettie February 02, 2004
Someone who goes out of their way to make everyone around him/her as miserable as possible.
"Do you always have to shit on my good news? You're such a bitch-troll."
by bettie May 07, 2005
Someone so cute you want to put them in your lunchbox between your thermos and your p&j sandwich.
"That guy Jimmy is so adorable I could just eat him up...total lunchbox cutie."
by bettie May 08, 2005
The drunken loser at the bar who buys a girl a drink to get into her pants, then calls her a dyke because she's not interested.
"I buy you a fuggin' drink ahn then you don even wanna fuck? Wha are ya, a fuggin' dyke?"
"Go sleep it off, you fucking Douchebag!"
by bettie May 07, 2005
A man who believes a cotton/spandex shirt will hold in his tits but doesn't; usually calling attention to said tits as well as pudgy arms and/or belly.
"Simon Cowell is such a Titmonkey!"

"Did you see that Titmonkey jiggling on the dancefloor?"
by bettie May 08, 2005

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