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TREMEK is the internet car video god:)

TREMEK is the internet car video god:)TREMEK.COM
by Tiff March 06, 2004
Tremek is god for videos, but where did it go. Been gone for over a month.
Tremek iz roxxxorz!! LoLz!!! RoFL!!!!
by Bloody Fork November 10, 2004
Tremek is derived from the word Tree and Hamock. Tremek means to be a lazy person who downloads Porno all day sitting in a Hammock tied to a tree thus the word TREMEK. Tremek is also known as glutious maximus otherwise pronounced ASS. Tremek also may be known to others as a GOD but when in fact GOD is known as LOW_CIVIC
Tremek can be used in sentenced such like. Man did you see that vid on or man Tremek has alot of Fuckin Porn
by Low_civic June 26, 2004
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