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refers to the length around the shaft of the penis.
Yo, girl dude was girthy as hell, he stretched my walls past its limits.
by Tiff May 13, 2004
article of clothing thats hoochie, small, short, or too tight.
damn, that girl's skirt is skimpy!
by tiff March 12, 2004
junk in the trunk or a large rear end; badunkadunk
she got dumps like a truck, truck, truck, guys like what, what, what
by Tiff April 09, 2004
someone who copies another person
oh my gosh, you bought the same shirt that i had you biter!
by tiff March 12, 2004
A Christian religious fanatic, commonly seen in Georgia or other parts of the Bible Belt. Bible Humpers love the Bible, so they hump it.
Bible Humper - "Go to church or go to hell. I'm trying to save you."

Sane person - "Shut up Bible Humper."
by Tiff January 30, 2004
TREMEK is the internet car video god:)

TREMEK is the internet car video god:)TREMEK.COM
by Tiff March 06, 2004
a woman's vagina, especially someone of asian decent
i want sum of dat poontang
by tiff September 18, 2003
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