Testicular Perspiration Adhesion: When a man's scrotum sticks to the side of his leg.
"ball stick-age"
David was playing basketball on a hot summer day, his TPA became intense, so he took a cold shower.
by TPAsucks March 27, 2009
The party at sun river. An annual gathering of the jabrosephs to drink beer, play golf, study astronomy, and discuss poon tang.
Tpas was epic this year. It was great to see you bonch lickers. I wonder if mo-money will ever stop putting from the rough and join us.
by Bruceski June 04, 2011
teachers pet attitude

(direccted at gary)
clifford:why are you so tpa today?
gary:my mum fucked me last night, or should i say, i had sex with her...
by UrbANMeNNace!! February 08, 2003
Tight-pants-alternative. The type of boy (or girl, I guess) who wears skin-tight skinny jeans with converse (or vans) with clothes from Urban Outfitters or Value Villiage. TPA's usually straighten their hair and are rail-thin.
I can't believe Julie's going out with Tommy. He's totally not her type, he's so TPA, and she's so Abercrombie.
by hagridacciohagrid June 15, 2008
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