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A rare medical condition where the afflicted person's penis resembles an ACTUAL shrimp, literally. Common subdivisions of common shrimp dickness are: shelled, unshelled, cooked, raw, veined, deveined, and COCKTAIL!
NAME REDACTED was dating this dude with shrimp dick. No, seriously his penis was an actual literal shrimp, dude.
by Rory B. March 16, 2007
A penis pertaining to or replicating the image of the miniscule aquatic organism, the shrimp.
Bahhhhhhhh, that dude's got a shrimp dick. Hahaha, everybody point and laugh!!!
by Giovanni March 22, 2004
shrinkage of the penis due to massive amounts of cocaine usage. the penis is un-usable until the coke wears off.
I can't pipe this chick because I have shrimp dick
by b p h December 10, 2003
Jesse Guzman
Jesse Guzman Try To Play A Girl And Got Played And They Found Out He Had A Shrimps Dick Shrimp Dick
by Shrimp dick August 14, 2016
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