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"Ugly American Network"
Fox News is the UAN, otherwise known as the Ugly American Network.
by papadoc70 June 05, 2006
Your such a uan bruh.
by Bayarea_sayings May 27, 2014
An acronym for Up All Night. Used to describe a internet junkie who has been up all night gaming or surfing the internet.
Damn, that taints been UAN
by Mark Sharpe July 04, 2006
An urbandictionary ass nigga. Someone who always has no idea what anything means unless it comes out of a Webster's dictionary.
Guy: I'm being so deadass right now...
Girl: What's deadass mean? Let me just search it up right quick...
Girl: I found it! (reads definition out loud)
Guy: I wish this UAN would just shut up..
by BasedNamer July 31, 2014
An acronym for "Understood And Noted"
Bob: I'm going out for a smoke, be right back.
Frank: UAN
by ToxicBug January 11, 2006
short for ugly ass nigga,
check all the fuckin abreviations and i definately know there all fuckin pointless and only lazy ass people use words like uan, bashmfn,flip, bab, fob even etc
"ja rule is one UAN"
" i use fuckin abreviation cuz im fuckin lazy and degrate my proper english for usin dumb ass acronyms"
by VaLLeJo THiZzin' May 05, 2005

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