to Totally Make Out
the act of totally making out
Did you guys TMO? Of Course we did!
(a girl and guy totally made out)

Lets TMO- Lets make out
Totally TMO - to totally totally make out (for an extra long period of time, sometimes includes more than just kissing)
by megan sam jenna meghanson October 07, 2006
Short for Typical Mexican Operation - a situation that is low-grade, make-shift, or just plain fucked-up because of the involvement of Mexicans.
I went Papas n' Bear - talk about a TMO, those fuckin' beaners were trying to fix the mechanical bull with a coat hanger and a chicken bone.
by Logan Earth Ski November 01, 2005
Short for The Mexican Ostrich, a ska band that started in Arizona
Nina: Hey did you go to the TMO Show?
PZee: Yeah, I totally skanked my brains out!
by PZee May 03, 2008
A common mistyping for TMI, similar to the pwned effect.
Molly> *shivers* it's so cold in here, I just got the pee shivers...
ErikG> TMO
>TMO? you mean TMI?
ErikG> No, TMO... go look it up in Urban Dictionary
ErikG> Quick, someone run to urban dictionary and add TMO...
by ErikG April 23, 2008
"Television Match Official"
During the course of an evening's alcohol consumption, the game of TMO is declared to be in session.

As the evening progresses, invariably there will be a time when someone in your party, almost always a girl (and usually called Emma?!) will say or do something unbelievably stupid or embarrassing.

Upon this event someone else in the party will declare TMO. They indicate this by clearly stating "TMO" and drawing the television umpire signal with their fingers (a rectangle).
Upon this, the rest of the party can vote whether or not the accused did indeed deserve the TMO. A show of hands for a yes vote ensues, and a majority number of hands results in the accused seeing off their drink. Rapidly.
Person 1 : Oh shit, I just sent my mum a message saying I had a huge hard-on for her lush nipple piercing!

Person 2 : TMO
(majority vote)

Person 2 : See it off son.
by singburi September 10, 2009
I'm going out tmo

Are you free tmo
Got school tmo

Can you meet me tmo?

Tmo maybe
by Iamyourfriendjkjk May 05, 2016
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