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states you might fly over during a plane ride from the east to west coast of the U.S.A. generally the midwest. a flyover has the characteristics of an 'average joe.'
los angeles citizen #1: "i hear dillon watches that show "seventh heaven"..
los angeles citizen #2: "wow. what a flyover.."
by gracieeee July 31, 2007
short for "tomorrow". originally only used online by the kind of person who writes like "wut ^" but it expanded and now is said in everyday real life conversation and frequently used by people who type like an actual intellegent person online.

prounced "tee-moe"
example 1:"hi sup gurl w4nna hand owt tmo?!!!!@1one"
example 2:"hey, what's up? let's hang out tmo!"
by gracieeee October 11, 2007
Not A Support. Used by "whored" people (usually scene) on myspace as bulletin subjects so people are aware that they have something to say other then "z0mg add her!"
Subject: PLEASE READ!!! nas
by gracieeee August 13, 2007

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