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Short form for Touch Me Not - When a couple are in the early stages of dating.
Jason: I hear that John and Mildred are going out!
Tom: Yeah, but they are still TMN...
by computerwiz_222 May 01, 2007
take me now.
(texting at a party)
timmy: "im so horny"
gf: "me too"
timmy: "lets fuck tonight"
gf: "no, TMN!!!"
timmy: meet me in the closet
by hotass mofo March 10, 2011
Tongue my nuts
Hey Bitch, TMN
by spinna1976 October 27, 2011
TMN - TrackMania Nations

The popular free online racing game made by Nadeo.
"im going to go play some TMN"
by TaG]Nemesis January 18, 2008
Touch my nipple.
When you want someone to caress your luscious nip, you say "TMN plz bby".
by TMNALLDAYBBY April 02, 2014
Means to my knowledge. Similar to iirc (if I recall correctly)
Those cheeseburgers belonged to Otis, tmn.
by greasyknuckles February 16, 2009
TMN: "Too Many Niggers". Usually used when referring to large gatherings of blacks, or when referring to places that are predominantly black.
Damn, Philadelphia would be a nice city if it wasn't for TMN.

Stay out of Cleveland; it's a TMN town.

Not there. That bar's got TMN.
by blinkie June 01, 2005

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