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To Love-Ru

The name of a very good, popular ecchi manga/anime. Amazing art (^.^), weak storyline, pretty/busty girls, typical pitiful protagonist, standard harem...

Look up the rest if you even care
mmmm....To Love-Ru (TLR)
by To Love-Ru October 05, 2010
(n.) The definitive pocket soldier of Comp TF2's 6v6 format. TLR is known for his DM-heavy playstyle and in particular his ability to hit unorthodox airshots; as well as an infamous attempt to steal an ESEA Lan Trophy a couple years ago.

(v.) When you try to cum on a guy/girl, but they pull out at the last second and start erratically running left and right in an attempt to make you miss your cumshot. But the thing is, you're actually Peter North. You then jizz a mighty puddle upon his/her feet, launching them several feet in the air, and then flickcum a mighty spooge torpedo that subsequently results in their explosion. Anything less, surprisingly, is also called a Platinum.
1. "Hai guise TLR steal da troffy lololololololopfok;djasdfdasfjlka meatshot"

2. "WTF?! How'd you cum on me?"

"I've been MGEing with your best friend behind your back. TLR'd, bitch."
by Who wrote the second b4nny def December 08, 2013
Short hand forSt. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa.
"Why does TLR bat the pitcher 8th?"
"Because he is the greatest manager of all time"
by South City STL May 05, 2010
Taking Love in the Rectum
dude that baseball player is TLR with his coach
by LordWaffleKisses November 17, 2009
Toilet, Lavatory, Restroom.

Used when saying any three of the above makes you look like dirty scum.
I gotta go to the TLR real bad.
by m0ns00n August 20, 2008
someone who is totally rad
TLR is a rad dude
by gabe March 14, 2004